Aim of our data bank is to serve our clients from all over the world and our special focus is on Middle Eastern Region. Therefore, we are interested in recruiting the best and the brightest with a strong sense of purpose and character. We encourage all Sri Lankans to apply to our job bank. We seek people with good-natured, friendly character, team workers, talented, dedicated highly qualified for specific job categories and also who possess a strong sense of integrity and genuine interest in developing a career in the relevant field. We invite prospective candidates to send us curriculum vitae and register in our data bank.

  • Kuwait

  • Salary

    100 KD

  • Food


  • Accommodation


  • Medical


  • Air Ticket


  • Contract Period

    2 Years

Free Food / Free Accommodation / Free Medical Facilities.
The period of contract will be two (02) years and Renewable.
Free Ticket will be provided Free of Charge by Employer.
House Driver - Gulf Licenced - Salary 90KD
House Driver - Kuwait Licence - Salary 100KD                                               House Driver - S/L Licence - Salary 70KD

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